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To the Hibakusha and their Families

Help us share what you experienced in the bombing, and how it shaped your ideas on peace, to visitors from Japan, overseas, and to the next generation of world leaders by submitting your memoir to the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims. Your memoir will be available to the general public at the Memorial Hall and will help contribute to our database.

To the Bereaved Families of Victims

We register the names and photographs of the victims of the atomic bombing to honor their memory and to convey the reality of how many perished in the bombing. All names and photographs submitted are displayed at the Memorial Hall and preserved for humanity forever.

To Educators

Let us help you with your peace study programs. We can provide a workbook for visits to the Memorial Hall (for elementary school students; Japanese only), and offer services such as Atomic Bomb Memoir Reading Sessions and can organize Atomic Bomb Legacy Successor talks to be held at your school.

We also offer rental services for special exhibition materials and reading session packs.

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