Introduction to Main Projects and Initiatives

Atomic Bomb Memoirs

We are home to an ongoing collection of Atomic Bomb Memoirs.

Help us share what you experienced in the bombing, and how it shaped your ideas on peace, to visitors from Japan, overseas, and to the next generation of world leaders by submitting your memoirs to the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims. In addition to making them available to the general public, they will also go in our database which users can search using our interactive search panel.

We are looking for submissions of the following:

  1. Diary/journal entries, letters, etc, written by those who experienced the bombing in Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
  2. Obituaries of the victims of the bombing written by family or friends.
  3. Books or booklets which contain the information listed above.

All submissions should be suitable for public exhibition; there are no specifications for format (handwritten, typed using typewriters/computers, printed material), period in which submissions were written, or paper (manuscript paper, letter paper, notebook paper, etc). If possible, please include the name, gender, address/age at the time of the bombing, and any other pertinent details.

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