Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1) Basic Philosophy

In only the most necessary capacity to ensure that the services (such as information provision, reception of questions, comments, and requests, etc) provided by the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims website ( and subsequent sub-domains) (henceforth known as our site) run smoothly, the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims (henceforth known as the Memorial Hall) collects information from its website users. All information will be handled appropriately and within the bounds of our purposes for use.

2) Range of Collected Information

  1. Our site automatically collects information such as internet domain name, IP address, and what has been viewed on our site. Of the pages on our site, some utilize cookies (to help our servers identify users, the server sends a message to users' browser to collect information about their site visit) to collect user information. However, we do NOT use cookies to collect information which could identify users individually.
  2. When using our Questions, Comments, Requests form, we ask that you register your e-mail address, subject line, and message contents. Users may enter their names, telephone/fax numbers at their own discretion.

3) Purposes for Use

  1. Information collected in 2) (1) will be used to help ensure that the services provided by our site continue to run smoothly.
  2. Our website uses to Google Analytics to determine the usage of our site on the whole. Google Analytics collects information to report to us on information from users using cookies and on instant directories. For more information, please see their Terms of Service.
  3. Regarding Cookies
    Our site uses cookies which are messages sent to the user's browser when they view our site; these messages are then saved on the user's computer. Users can disable cookies in their browser settings to deny access log data collection. Disabling cookies will in no way effect your browsing experience on our site.
    For more information on how to disable cookies, please see the help page of your browser, or inquire to your browser provider directly.
    To disable Google Analytics browser cookies, you will need to install an Opt-Out Add-on.
  4. The subject line and message contents in 2) (2) will be used and referenced in future Memorial Hall projects and endeavors. They may also be used as reference material when building our FAQ page. Registered e-mail addresses will be used to reply to your message. Any and all names, telephone numbers (etc) registered of the user's volition will be used to provide more detailed replies to user queries directly from the Memorial Hall.

4) Usage and Provision Limits

The Memorial Hall will not use information collected on our site for purposes other than those listed in 3) Purposes for Use, nor will we provide information to third parties, with the exception of legal requests for disclosure which have the consent of the user.

However, there are cases in which site access information, which has been statistically processed, may be disclosed.

5) Ensuring Security

  1. The Memorial Hall will take the appropriate measures to ensure that information is properly managed to prevent the leakage, loss, and damage of collected information.
  2. All user information collected via Google Analytics is managed in accordance to Google's Privacy Policy. The Memorial Hall is not responsible for any damages incurred using Google Analytics.

6) Applicable Range

Our privacy policy applies only to our site. If not listed on this page, all other information will be handled appropriately in accordance with the privacy policy of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation.

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