Other languages page on the GLOBAL NETWORK site of the National Peace Memorial Halls for the Atomic Bomb Victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki has been relaunched. (2015.10.1)

Update: 2015/10/01

In order to communicate to large numbers of people the calamity of the atomic bombings and to pass on the experiences of suffering an atomic bombing, the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims and the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims run a website called the GLOBAL NETWORK of these two Peace Memorial Halls.

This is to inform you that other languages page on this GLOBAL NETWORK site has now been relaunched.

Over the future we will be continually working to make the site even easier to use and understand, so by all means please make use of it.

GLOBAL NETWORK home page in English

1. Date of relaunch

Tuesday October 1, 2015

2. Main changes

(1) Addition of twelve other languages

Besides Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, we provide pages in multiple other languages –in Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Slovenian and Spanish. A total of 20 other languages are now available in twelve additional languages –in Arabic, Filipino, Finnish, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese.

(2) Posting the survivor recollections in multiple other languages

We have already been providing Atomic bombing testimony videos on multiple languages pages. In addition, we have newly provided the survivor recollections pages in multiple other languages. Over the future, we plan to progressively post survivor recollections and testimony videos translated into various other languages.

(3) Other changes

Please note that some of our URLs have changed as a result of the relaunch.

3. Number of atomic bombing testimony videos, etc., posted (as of October 1, 2015)

(1) Survivor recollections

263 articles in Japanese, 78 in English, 50 in Chinese, 50 in Southern/Northern Korean, 9 in Arabic, 6 in Dutch, 9 in Filipino, 6 in Finnish, 9 in French, 9 in German, 6 in Greek, 9 in Hindi, 9 in Indonesian, 9 in Italian, 9 in Malay, 4 in Polish, 9 in Portuguese, 9 in Russian, 9 in Spanish, 6 in Swedish, 9 in Thai, 9 in Urdu, 6 in Vietnamese

(2) Atomic bombing testimony videos

523 videos in Japanese, 131 in English, 130 in Chinese, 131 in Southern/Northern Korean, 5 in Arabic, 3 in Dutch, 18 in French, 16 in German, 3 in Hindi, 6 in Italian, 3 in Malay, 8 in Russian, 1 in Slovenian, 5 in Spanish, 3 in Thai, 5 in Urdu

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