Regarding Accessibility

Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims Web Accessibility Policy

Regarding Accessibility

The Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims (henceforth known as the Memorial Hall) website strives to conform to standards set by the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS X 8341-3:2016* and works to ensure and improve accessibility.

* Under Section 3: Web Contents; Devices, Software, and Services for Information Transmission; Policies for Considerate Design for the Elderly and Those With Disabilities.

Target Conformance Level

Compliant with Conformance Level AA for JIS X 8341-3:2016.

*Note: the use of the word "compliant" here was defined in the JIS X 8341-3:2016 Web Contents Notation of Level of Support Guideline (March 2016), published by the Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee of the Info-communication Access Council.

JIS X 8341-3:2016 Web Contents Notation of Level of Support Guideline (March 2016) (Japanese)

Pages Subject to Accessibility Protocol

Pages which fall under the management of the Memorial Hall's CMS (Contents Management System) are subject to accessibility protocol.

However, pages which are not in HTML format (PDFs, etc) are currently not subject to accessibility protocol. We will strive to put information found on PDFs into HTML format as well where possible.

Our Vision for the Memorial Hall Website

The website managed by the Memorial Hall ( and related sub-domain sites; henceforth known as our site) strives not only to ensure accessibility in accordance with JIS X 8341-3:2016, but also defines the following as items which our site should fulfill:

1) Provide information to any and all users: accessibility for users regardless of usage device or language

Our website shall give special consideration to the aging hibakusha and their families, families of the victims of the atomic bomb, visitors from abroad, and the educators, children, and students who visit for peace studies. Specifically, we shall work on accessibility support, multi-device support, and multi-lingual support.

In terms of accessibility support, we shall strive for AA compliance to the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS X8341-3:2016 to allow the elderly and those with disabilities to access our site without issue.

In terms of multi-device support, we shall introduce responsive support which automatically switches the layout of our site to best fit the user's device to effectively support devices such as smartphones and tablets.

In terms of multi-lingual support, we offer information not just in Japanese, but also in English, Chinese (simplified), and Korean.

2) Easy to understand, easy to use: design and site building that's simple for users to understand

In order to provide information in a way which is easy for users to understand, we will (a) use easy-to-understand language and make frequent use of illustrations and photos and (b) use a design which takes into consideration the routes users take to reach information on our site as well as natural line of sight.

Our site shall devise expressions and layouts which (a) enable users to reach the most up-to-date information which they wish to know, (b) allow users to receive accurate answers to their questions, and (c) present information which is easy to understand and easy to read.

We shall also employ a comprehensive and unified design concept to enable users to quickly identify official information from the Memorial Hall and provide a sense of security.

3) Quick access to the necessary information: easy accessibility to the information users need

Together with making it possible for users to reach the information they want via an intuitive and easy-access route, we recognize the importance of search engine optimization and will take the necessary measures to ensure that our site appears in the top results for related keyword searches performed on search engines.

4) Learn user needs and reflect them: aiming for homepage quality improvement based on user needs

When putting information on our site, we shall look at what information users deem necessary and if they are able to reach said information. If the information does not fulfill these two criteria, we shall make the proper adjustments quickly and without delay.

We have introduced an access analysis system which will enable us to analyze site usage so that we can properly understand user needs and expand contents/re-examine menus, etc.

5) Safely and securely deliver information: ensure proper security to protect the credibility of our information

In order to provide information safely to users, it is necessary for government organizations to employ thorough information security measures when using websites to provide information. When it comes to our site, we currently employ security measures such as communication encryption (HTTPS), DDos attack countermeasures, and more.

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