Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims


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Guide to the facility

Floor plan [B1] Temporary Exhibition Area Library
[B2] The Hall of Remembrance Victims' Information Area

Victim's Information Area(B2)

The names and photographs of so many A-bomb victims powerfully conveys the reality that the atomic bomb took thousands upon thousands of lives indiscriminately regardless of age, gender, occupation, or any other factor.

Visitors can search for individual victims by photograph or name.

At the request of family members, the photographs and names of the victims will be registered and preserved in perpetuity at the National Memorial Hall.

Victim's Information Area

12 Multiple Large-Screen Display

Using 12 large display screens, portraits and names of the deceased victims, which were donated by the bereaved, are projected one by one.

Looking at the display screens

12 Multiple Large-Screen Display

Apparatus to Search for A-Bomb Victims

Here visitors can search for individual victims. Depending on the type of pamphlet inserted into the slot, the screen automatically switches from Japanese-adult to Japanese-child or English.

Apparatus to Search for A-Bomb Victims

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