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Reciation sessions of remembrances of the A-bombing are implemented


Let the children hear....

Readings of atomic bombing stories

Photo on right:
Session of readings held with the assistance of volunteer readers
2nd grade, Tsuruoka No. 2 Junior High School, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Pref., February 20, 2008

(Audience's impressions)
Children's impressions
  • It was moving and made me feel as if I was there myself. It went right to my heart.

  • When I heard the atomic bomb poems read aloud it brought the victims' experiences even closer to me.

  • I'd like to make appeals for peace to the whole world.

  • I want them to end wars and nuclear weapons.

  • I'm going to tell my familiy about the atomic bombing and peace.
Teachers' impressions
  • Hearing the stories with one's ears, rather than reading them with one's eyes, is more emotional and conveys the writers' sentiments more strongly.

  • I was able to picture the scenes as I listened, and the stories resonated within me. It brought tears to my eyes.

  • This is an effective means of communicating the horrors of war and the atomic bombing to children who have not known war.

Reverberations of the reading sessions
In June and July 2004 we held atomic bomb story reading sessions directed mainly at children.Since they proved popular, we have organized them on a full-fledged basis since spring 2005. The Mayor of Hiroshima alluded to these readings aloud of A-bomb Memoirs during his "Peace Declaration" which was broadcast worldwide on August 6, 2004. His words were:"We will implement a project that will mobilize adults to read eyewitness accounts of the atomic bombings to childreneverywhere.

Taking the reading sessions to the world
We have put together a Reading Session Pack that enables anyone to hold a reading session, publicizing the concept of the reading sessions domestically and overseas so as to spread throughout Japan and the world the impetus for having A-bomb Memoirs read aloud.

Reading A-bomb memoirs aloud lets people share the bombing victims' memories and feelings
The Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims houses more than 100,000 accounts of the atomic bombings written down by victims and their families. Contained in these writings are facts and emotions that only people who directly knew the atomic bombing could write, and that move very deeply those who read them. Having these stories read aloud will convey the experience of the atomic bombing to large numbers of people-especially to children, the citizens of the future-who have had no such experience, enabling them to share the bombing victim' memories and feeling. Please give readings of A-bomb memoirs and poetry to children in your home, neighborhood or school.

Why not try attending or holding an atomic bomb story reading session?

Why not try reading A-bomb memoirs and poetry to children?

Please send us accounts of your reading sessions. Describe how you felt when reading the bombing stories, and the discussions you had with the children afterward. We will post them on our website or some other medium.


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